Urban Playground

The interaction of exceptional architecture with a variety of designed open spaces, as well as different arrangements of usage and space, enable new encounters and boost well-being at VIERTEL FOUR in no time at all. Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campus and outdoor workplaces also provide a productive and healthy working atmosphere.

Go Fourward!

VIERTEL FOUR responds to the challenges of future working environments – from planning to completion in a consistently sustainable way. As such, the focus is on providing a healthy and flexible work environment for all employees. High-quality technology, bright rooms bathed in natural light and comprehensive digitalisation serve to enable tenants to operate safely, efficiently and comfortably. For example, there are intelligent and customised access controls or conference rooms, there are parking spaces and catering can be conveniently booked using the VIERTEL FOUR app or the tenants‘ own apps.

Viertel Four App
Customer Journey

Everything you need to make your day at the Work’n’Play Campus Munich smarter!


For office user

7.00 AM

Booking system

Before the start of my working day, I book the resources I will need in the office today: a workplace and a conference room, including catering and a flipchart.

E-parking space booking

As I drive to the office in my e-car, I reserve a parking space with an e-charging bay in advance from my home. So I can be sure my car will also be charged.

7.30 AM

Vehicle identification

At the entrance to the underground car park, I am recognised immediately: whether it’s via my smartphone or my number plate that is on file.

7.45 AM

Intelligent access control

My smartphone and my app are my key for VIERTEL FOUR. I can use it to open all the doors I have authorisation for.

Intelligent Locker

I have my sports gear to use the bouldering wall during my lunch break. It’s stored in my locker, which I can easily lock and unlock with my smartphone.

3:00 PM

Room control via app

During my meeting, I find it too cold and I feel there’s too much glare. No problem. With my smartphone, I can adjust all the room controls such as the light, temperature and blinds. And of course, I have the option to include my presentation equipment as well.

5.30 PM

Digital pin board

A look at the event calendar in the app shows me that an interesting after-work event will take place in the Townhall today. A great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with my co-workers but also other tenants on the campus.

7.30 PM

Pay Per app

At the end of my working day, I go to my e-car, which has been charging during the day. I complete the charging process with automatic payment via the app and leave the car park.

For office manager

8.00 AM

Arrive on bike

When I arrive on my bike, I use my smartphone to gain access to the underground car park and my reserved parking space, which I can also find quickly thanks to the indoor navigation system.

Intelligent access control

The smartphone and the app are the key items for all VIERTEL FOUR's users. I use them to control and manage the access rights for all my co-workers on the VIERTEL FOUR platform.

9.00 AM

Points of Interest

I can add and alter any additions or improvements under Points of Interest on the dashboard of VIERTEL FOUR's platform. As users approach them (such as a new coffee machine), they are given brief instructions in their VIERTEL FOUR app.

10.00 AM

Digital documentation

As the office manager, I have full access to the digital archive of technical documents, contracts and guidelines. Revisions or maintenance documents and, for example, the operating instructions for a new printer are always kept up to date in the app.

11.00 AM

Workplace occupancy

The dashboard displays all the bookings of workplaces and meeting rooms. This allows me to manage and optimise space occupancy efficiently.

2.15 PM

Smart metering

VIERTEL FOUR's consumption volumes are recorded digitally in real time. This gives me the opportunity to analyse the data immediately in order to optimise consumption levels at all times.

Energy monitoring

VIERTEL FOUR's platform collects all the consumption data and monitors it. The definition of KPIs for greater transparency helps me achieve the optimum level of energy efficiency. I also have access to all ESG reports.

5.00 PM

Smart cleaning

The usage data and fill levels (e.g. of soap dispensers) in the hygiene facilities are recorded digitally, which means sanitary areas can be cleaned as required. As such, I can monitor and keep track of any pending cleaning procedures.


7.00 AM

Digital guest invitation

I have been invited to a meeting. As a guest, I receive a download link for an app and a QR code along with my invitation to VIERTEL FOUR at the same time. This means I can conveniently use several of the features provided.

Integration of public transport

The VIERTEL FOUR app informs me about public transport options and helps me organise my arrival and departure.

9.00 AM

Intelligent access control

On the day of the meeting, I can use both the app as well as the QR code from the email to open all the doors on my way to the meeting room.

Information via info-screen

I can easily find out about the campus and its tenants on the screen at VIERTEL FOUR, so I know straightaway where I have to go.

9.15 AM

Intelligent Locker

I can securely store my luggage in a locker before my meeting. To do so, I use the VIERTEL FOUR app and book my intelligent locker until the end of the day.

11.30 AM

Points of Interest: building information via the app

The app provides me with some interesting background information about VIERTEL FOUR and, for example, it shows me today's menu selections available in the catering facilities for my lunch break.

1.00 PM

Car sharing

The VIERTEL FOUR app gives me access to regional car sharing providers and I can book a car at short notice to get to my next appointment.